The AA Program

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of Alcoholics in recovery who follow a program of personal change and service.  The AA program is a spiritual program, not a religious one.  We realize that we are powerless over alcohol, that when we drink our lives become unmanageable, and there is hope for a better life if we can simply not drink, one day at a time.

The program encourages us to realize that there are larger forces at work in the world than ourselves and through personal growth we find a “higher power” to operate in our lives and to help us to find a sober and joyful life.  For some of us this is found in traditional religions or religious ideas, for others it is a more personal concept, but regardless of your personal beliefs, if you have a desire to stop drinking, there is a home in AA.

AA’s mission is best described in The Preamble.  The principles of the program consist of 36 spiritual principles.  The 12 Steps describe our program of recovery and personal growth.  The 12 Traditions describe   the AA groups and how they relate to each other.  The 12 Concepts for World Service describe the spiritual principles and structure of the world wide organization.

Almost all of AA’s literature, plus several videos are available for access and download on the AA World Services web site.

AA literature can be purchased locally at the NHAA Area 43 Service Office at 1330 Hooksett Rd, Hooksett, NH.

  • The 12 Steps, Traditions and Concepts
    1. The 12 Steps
    2. The 12 Traditions
    3. The 12 Concepts

New Hampshire AA District 12