Corrections Committee

The Corrections Committee ensures that AA meetings are provided to all corrections facilities within the district borders and cooperates with the NHAA Area 43 Corrections committee to supply meetings at state facilities outside of the district borders.

A Corrections Chairperson is elected to address meetings at  corrections facilities. The district will allocate a budget for the committee.

If you are interested in taking meetings into corrections facilities, or would like to participate in established commitments, please contact the Corrections Chairperson.

Click here to download the forms necessary to take a meeting into Hillsboro County Jail (valley St.)

Click here to download the information packet for Goffstown Womens Prison.


Click here to download the information packet for Sununu Youth Services Center (SYSC) 1056 North River Road Manchester, NH 03104 (603) 625-5471

New Hampshire AA District 12